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Welcome to our United Fresh LIVE! Service Center!

Thank you for working with us as we work to build the first virtual convention for the fresh produce industry. It’s because of your company’s involvement we can make this work – we look forward to working with you today and every day.


Please find some links to resources below, and at any point if your need questions answered please reach out to Tressie Tillar, Director of Convention Services at 202-303-3414.


Download the LIVE! Marketing Guide

As an industry, we have amplified our ingenuity during this crisis to drive new solutions that allow business to continue. It will take that pivot in approach to succeed in the new United Fresh LIVE! online platform. This guide is here to help.


Download the LIVE! Booth Builder Guide

The following guide is designed to help you learn more about the Space Builder and the space building process. Each of the steps are discussed in detail in the sections of this guide.


Watch the Booth Builder Tutorial

To gain a better understanding about what a booth at United Fresh LIVE! looks like as well as technical guidance on setting up your booth, please watch the recorded webinar.

Webinar: 5/7/2020



Download the LIVE! Exhibitor Show Guide

Take a glimpse into United Fresh LIVE! by learning more about our exhibitors, featured product showcase and schedule.


For more information on exhibiting, contact John Toner, Vice President, Convention & Industry Collaboration at 202-303-3424.